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Lucy has given me amazing ongoing support. Regularly checking my progress and giving great advice to help make informed decisions. Plus, she's just so lovely!

 I'm so glad I contacted her rather than struggling on.


"I didn't think I could carry on feeding with the pain I was experiencing, but Lucy helped me to solve it. I was ecstatic!"

Lucy knows what she's doing and got us sorted with kindness & patience. We got an appt straight away, she follows up with you and sends useful links.
She's also packed full of useful info about babies in general! Defo recommend her. 


'Lucy helped me in many ways to prepare for feeding both my children and provided much needed emotional and practical support after they were born. I couldn't have done it without her'


Lucy was brilliant, her lovely nature and expert knowledge was exactly what I needed


Lucy is so approachable, and her guidance has really boosted my confidence. I absolutely would recommend her to anyone.


"Lucy was kind and encouraging. We got my baby latched comfortably and she explained how I could check it was right. We fed happily for over a year thanks to such a great start" 
Sarah S

 I’m sure without her advice and support our breastfeeding experience would have been very different. I couldn’t recommend Lucy highly enough.


The service she offers is excellent value for money and I would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with feeding or just needs a little extra help and support


'Lucy is kind, compassionate and incredibly knowledgable. I felt listened to and supported at a time when I was struggling and very worried. 

Both at the consultation and afterwards Lucy gave me the advice and confidence that I needed to persevere. My little boy immediately started to gain weight and everything became easier. Without Lucy I may not have managed to continue breastfeeding. Amazing service! Cannot recommend highly enough!'


'Thank you so much for your reassuring words, sensible advice and encouragement - I feel so much better after our chat! Exactly what I needed.' Keira

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