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New for 2022!

Holistic, Gentle Sleep Support

I have recently completed some training with the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program and am now very pleased to be offering further support with sleep. 

Suitable from 4 months to 3 1/2 years (ish!) these consultations are a look at your whole situation, with a view to gently supporting and adjusting sleep where needed. 

Sleep coaching is very different to sleep training. There are no 'cry it out' techniques, and the aim is not to get your child 'sleeping through the night'. It's a comprehensive look at your circumstances and a range of suggestions to help you optimise sleep and create healthy habits for long term sleep support. 

After booking you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire and a sleep diary so that I can familiarise myself with your situation and save us time at the consultation. 

Consultations are via Zoom, are around an hour and a quarter, and you receive a report within 3 days highlighting what we've discussed and the suggestions made. 

You are then available to contact me via email for two weeks following the consultation. 

Consultations are currently £75. Limited availability. Get in touch to book.

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